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Leeper Aerial has unique collaborative partnerships with specialists in botany, professional land surveying, and post-wildfire hazards assessments and response planning. 


Native Vegetation Census

Leeper Aerial partners with Power of Plants founder and President, Robin Kobaly, who is an expert in southwest native plant species identification, and vegetation and soils mapping from aerial and satellite imagery. The example service deliverable below highlights the location of 11 Joshua Trees, with suggested development avoidance zones (yellow circles with a 25 ft radius) around the trees. In addition to the Joshua Tree census of the parcel, the site was also inspected for five other other native southwest plant species that do not occur on the property. 


Mid-workflow high-resolution orthomosaic depicting native vegetation species census data highlighting Joshua Tree (Yucca brevifolia) [yellow], Mojave Yucca (Yucca schidigera) [blue], and California Juniper (Juniper californica) [red] locations.

Mid-workflow image of a 2.5-acre site 3D model showing locations of native desert vegetation species. Pairing and sharing high-resolution 3D models and ortho-imagery online for data and imagery interpretation and analysis with team members helps to ensure efficient workflows and reliable high-quality client deliverables.

Professional Land Surveying


Post-fire Assessment


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